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Released October 12th 2018

MERCYFUL FATE 80s re-issues

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Mercyful Fate Community Mask

Mercyful Fate Community Mask : Now available to pre-order.. [edgtf_blockquote text="With the purchase of a community mask (purchase price 15€ plus shipping costs, see terms and conditions) you support a good cause: with the profit of 8€ per sold community mask, we, Bravado Merchandise - a...

New Video “The Bloodbath Begins”

SHERMANN TANK  has released their new promo video "The Bloodbath Begins" - (Excerpt from several tracks). "This is what SHERMANN TANK is all about, classic metal with all the layers and styles of guitars that I love to play" says Hank. We're still in song writing...

Demonica “Demonstrous”

DEMONICA debut Album “DEMONSTROUS” now available Worldwide. Released via Massacre Records in EU, Giddy Up Records in USA and Spiritual Beast in Japan. 10 tracks of relentless Old School Thrash Metal from top to bottom. Fronted by the legendary guitar players from Forbidden and Mercyful Fate; Craig...