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Released October 2nd 2015

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Don’t Break The Oath (Part Two)

Mercyful Fate Guitarists launches Part Two of "Dont Break The Oath" 30 Years Anniversary Video. "We are excited to launch the last part of "Dont Break The Oath" 30 Years Anniversary video" We're are playing highlights from the six remaining songs and it has been great...

Don’t Break The Oath (Part One)

We’ve just finished the last edits for the 30 Years anniversary video of “Don’t Break The Oath” Album, it will be released in two parts. With the overwhelmingly feedback from the MELISSA 30 Years Anniversary video,  it was obvious that Michael Denner & Hank Shermann were going...

Mercyful Fate Guitarists Back Together!

Mercyful Fate guitarist Michael Denner & Hank Shermann playing riffs from all songs on the Melissa Album to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Album, originally released on Oct. 30th 1983! "We met the other day to jam the riffs from the Melissa Album, it was...

Metallica – Mercyful Fate

!!UPDATE IN PROGRESS!! Metallica's 30 years Anniversary at The Fillmore Theatre in San Francisco on December 7th 2011. Mercyful Fate joining Metallica on stage to play the song "MERCYFUL FATE" from Garage INC....