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Released October 12th 2018

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Demonica “Demonstrous” Album

Demonica: Hank Shermann / Craig Locicero / Klaus Hyr / Mark Hernandez / Marc Grabowski First Album "Demonstrous" released in 2010. Band was shelfed in 2012. No future plans at this point!! [playlist ids="454,447,452,451,450,449,448,453,455"] [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="469,477,471,468,465,466,472,470,467,464,473,474"]...

Demonica “Demonstrous”

DEMONICA debut Album “DEMONSTROUS” now available Worldwide. Released via Massacre Records in EU, Giddy Up Records in USA and Spiritual Beast in Japan. 10 tracks of relentless Old School Thrash Metal from top to bottom. Fronted by the legendary guitar players from Forbidden and Mercyful Fate; Craig...