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Mercyful Fate Returns to Poland

Mercyful Fate Returns to Poland

Mercyful Fate returns to Poland June 2020 for the Mystic Festival, with the same line-up as last MF visit in June 1999, except for our new bass player Joey Vera (Amored Saints). Looking forward to get back to the always great Polish fans…

Mystic Festival announces: “They say winter is coming, but we’ve got some really hot news about MYSTIC FESTIVAL 2020 for you. We’re proud to announce that the recently resurrected legends Mercyful Fate and black metal sensation Mgła are joining Judas Priest on the festival bill.

If you were there this June, you perfectly know that King Diamond’s show was one of the best of the entire festival. And you expected him to come back, this time with the band that started the madness, didn’t you? Now we can fulfill your wish. Here’s the pact for you to sign…

Mercyful Fate are finally back, after nearly a decade of silence. Cracow is one of the places chosen to take the oath again. This outstanding band was born in Copenhagen in the early 80’s and paved the way for Metallica and Slayer, as well as Morbid Angel and Emperor. But even though they were followed by many, no-one was really able to imitate the unique style of Mercyful Fate. Its mystery lies in the fragile balance between pure strength of Hank Shermann’s guitar riffs and the bravery and theatrical antics of King Diamond. Both “Melissa” and “Don’t Break the Oath” remain to this day unparalleled works of dark art, but also later albums of the band are one of their kind.”


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