Latest Album Release

Released October 12th 2018

MERCYFUL FATE 80s re-issues


Intense Songwriting Completed

Just completed the first batch of songs for a future release! With an intense six weeks period of writing, songs are now ready for the nxt steps!! Stay tuned for upcoming news../HS...

Demonica “Demonstrous” Album

Demonica: Hank Shermann / Craig Locicero / Klaus Hyr / Mark Hernandez / Marc Grabowski First Album "Demonstrous" released in 2010. Band was shelfed in 2012. No future plans at this point!! [playlist ids="454,447,452,451,450,449,448,453,455"] [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="469,477,471,468,465,466,472,470,467,464,473,474"]...