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Released October 12th 2018

MERCYFUL FATE 80s re-issues


Interview with Hank Shermann on Satan’s Tomb EP

Interview by Rex_84 from Metal Underground October 23rd 2015 Metal Underground: How do you feel now that “Satan’s Tomb” has been released? Hank Shermann: We all feel very excited, this is what we’ve been waiting for. We’re not that patient, so when we delivered the master to...

Intense Songwriting Completed

Just completed the first batch of songs for a future release! With an intense six weeks period of writing, songs are now ready for the nxt steps!! Stay tuned for upcoming news../HS...

Demonica “Demonstrous” Album

Demonica: Hank Shermann / Craig Locicero / Klaus Hyr / Mark Hernandez / Marc Grabowski First Album "Demonstrous" released in 2010. Band was shelfed in 2012. No future plans at this point!! [playlist ids="454,447,452,451,450,449,448,453,455"] [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="469,477,471,468,465,466,472,470,467,464,473,474"]...