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Released October 12th 2018

MERCYFUL FATE 80s re-issues


The Bloody Theme (2019)

"THE BLOODY THEME" The Debut Single from Hank Shermann (Out 8/2/2019) Featuring the Danish vocalist Nicklas Sonne  and Drummer Bjarne T. Holm. "The Bloody Theme" performed by: Hank Shermann : Guitars Nicklas Sonne : Vocals Bjarne T. Holm : Drums "The Bloody Theme" was originally written as a theme song, but...

Demonstrous (2010)

Demonica was formed in 2009 by Hank Shermann & Klaus Hyr. Soon Craig Locicero, Mark Hernandes and Marc Grabowski joined. Released the full length Album DEMONSTROUS in June 2010. Played several shows in Denmark and Holland in 2010. *All Music by Hank Shermann *All Lyrics by Klaus Hyr DEMONICA...